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The following are some of the services we can provide for you at Climb Machining.


Cylinder Repair and Manufacturing

-Tear apart & reseal cylinders up to 45 feet long

-Machine & weld rods

-Re-tube barrels

-Machine pistons

-Machine Glands

-Re-bush eyes

-Hone barrels

-Repair weld cracks

-Match up old seal kits

-Pressure test


Drill & Tap Flanges

Thread Pipe

Machine Pins and Bushings

Machine Rollers

Machine Spindles

Machine Pipe Drifts

Machine Flywheels

Mill Keyways, Slots, Wrench Flats, etc.

Drill & Tap Plate

Mig Weld

Heat Shrink Steel Sleeves

Hours: Monday to Friday 7am-5pm.